Just 12.8% of independent artists say they have released music on vinyl, new report claims

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Just 12.8% of independent artists say they have released their music on vinyl, new data from Ditto Music has revealed — despite 2023 vinyl sales in the UK reaching their highest level since 1990.

In a new survey conducted by the global music distribution company, 1000 independent artists were questioned whether they release music on vinyl.

Under an eighth of respondents said they have published their musical via wax, with 54% labelling the main reason for forgoing vinyl records being high production costs.

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On top of this, 28.7% said they do not release on vinyl due to their fan bases not being interested in the format, and 9.9% chalked it up to long lead times. Despite this, over half of participants said they themselves buy vinyl records regularly.

In a report from The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) earlier this month, it was revealed that vinyl sales in the UK had risen for the 16th consecutive year.

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In 2023 alone 5.9 million vinyl records were sold, marking an 11.7% increase year-on-year, making it the fastest growth this decade.

Pop star Taylor Swift had three of her albums in the official Vinyl Artist Albums Chart 2023. This continues from 2022 which found that one in every 25 vinyl albums sold was a Taylor Swift LP.

The resurgence of vinyl comes alongside a shortage of pressing plants with the majority of pressings coming from major labels leaving little room for independent labels or independent artists.

Check out the full findings from Ditto Music’s survey below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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