KALLIDA Festival kickstarts fundraiser in aid of Ugandan LGBTQ+ community

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KALLIDA Festival has launched an emergency fundraiser in support of the Ugandan LGBTQ+ community after a bill has recently passed enforces the criminalisation of anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ within the country.

Last month, a bill was passed by Ugandan MPs that concludes the legalisation of punishments such as life imprisonment or the death penalty for homosexuality.

As reported by The Guardian, just two of the 389 legislators voted against the bill which reads: “A person who commits the offence of aggravated homosexuality and is liable, on conviction to suffer death”.

Over 110 LGBTQ+ people in Uganda have reported arrests, sexual violence, evictions and public undressing in February The Guardian reports.

Teaming up with groups hashtagwhatnext, Ugly Duck, misery and more, this fundraiser aims to protect the Ugandan LGBTQ+ community.

The emergency fund is aiming to reach £25,000 with this money going towards paying bail, accommodation, visas, medical fees as well as legal fees.

The festival has also revealed a fundraiser electronic music event to run on April 27 in London, with more details to come soon.

For the fifth edition of KALLIDA Festival, the boutique festival will feature DJ sets from Mella Dee, LCY, dBridge, DJ Priya at an undisclosed location in North Devon.

For full details on KALLIDA 2023, and tickets head to

Donate to the UGANDA LGBTQ Emergency Fund here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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