Kate Stein launches label 99FVR, shares single ‘SNAFU’


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Kate Stein has launched her new label, 99FVR, and shared its inaugural single ‘SNAFU’.

The track delves into a haven of ’90s rave sounds with is pulsating drums and contrasting bassline. Its purpose reflects much of the intent of the NYC-based label: to blend moments of intensity, ambiguity and nostalgia to redefine the idea of the ‘peak time’ sound, in which simultaneous states of euphoria and discomfort can exist.

‘SNAFU’, then, sonically meanders through states of distortion, waning clarity and resulting confusion, building such a feeling. Mala Ika steps up for remix duties according to her unique style, channelling classic house, whilst Neu Romancer and Radondo‘s remix reimagines the original energy through a moodier, chugging lens.

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“While writing ‘SNAFU’, I was living in LA and listening to a lot of music while driving,” she explains. “I ended up on a thread revisiting artists like The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, and Crystal Castles. I was inspired by tracks that I grew up on and felt a pull to reimagine this sound for the dancefloor that I am playing today.”

“Launching the label, I felt inspired by the question: ‘what personally keeps me going back to a dancefloor, and rave culture?’ That feeling… it is delirious, sweaty, in a trance. It’s ravey and in the ‘zone’ – but in duality sometimes it’s also uncomfortable and not quite right. It can be challenging, and that keeps the experience interesting.

“I wanted to make a home for these ambiguous sounds and moments; unclear until you know what’s going on, [you’ve] found your flow. This fever can last forever… never ending sound waves.”

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‘SNAFU’ is available now via 99FVR, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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