KI/KI shares debut solo EP on her imprint slash

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KI/KI has released her first solo EP on her own imprint, slash.

It consists of three unique takes on a staple in her DJ sets, ‘Leave it to the vibe’, and marks the fourth release on her label which launched last year.

The record is introduced with the original cut. Fast-paced and driving, trance-infused at times and helped along by her own vocals and hypnotic loops, the track feels reminiscent of a late-night dancefloor experienced translated into song.

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On the track’s inspiration, KI/KI explains that this assumption isn’t far from reality: “It was after a series of such late night, strobe-induced warehouse shows that I went away on a much needed weekend in nature by myself. On these weekends I can truly empty my head, zone out and recharge.

“During this weekend I dreamt about hearing this particular track in Berghain. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I realised that this track didn’t exist yet and I knew what to do. I immediately recorded the vocals on my phone and wrote down the base of the track. It’s surreal that the track literally came to me in my dreams and I’m beyond thrilled to finally share it with you all.”

Each rework draws inspiration from this original cut. The first – simply titled ‘To the vibe (rework)’ – takes a stripped back approach with the removal of vocals and a focus on the twinkling background melodies.

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EP closer ‘Leave it to the drums’ is more dub-like. Chanelling the aforementioned warehouse situation, which comes as a driving source of inspiration for KI/KI, it captures the energies surrounding those dancefloors for a late-night cut.

‘slash004’ follows EPs on the producer and DJ’s own label from Alpha Tracks, Orlando Voorn and Peachlyfe. Set to be showcased at KI/KI’s packed forthcoming summer schedule – which includes Brussels’ Horst Arts & Music Festival, AVA Festival, Melt Festival, Awakenings and Ibiza – her debut solo release feels merely the beginning of a forthcoming long-run of solo releases.

KI/KI’s EP ‘slash004’ is available now, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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