Kiss Nuka shares ‘Witches Brew’ EP via Future Bounce


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Kiss Nuka has shared her new EP, ‘Witches Brew’, via Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce Records.

The four-tracker drops in accompaniment with a track modelling as an ode to the raven, ‘Dance of the Ravens’. On this, the artist describes as inspired by “creatures [who] carry ancient wisdom, are a bridge between the material and spiritual world, acting as companions in magic and witchcraft”.

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Across the record, the Kiss Nuka project is embodied in its truest form – the project itself a product of creative polymath Anushka Manchanda, embracing forms of club music inclusive of, but not restricted to, techno, bass, drum ‘n’ bass and jungle with ambient layers, electro-pop and nods to her Indian roots – resulting in an experimental, enchanting affair.

“Women who have pushed boundaries, expressed themselves freely, and challenged expectations have often been feared,” she says on the EP. “As I grow more into my own power, I am inspired by all these amazing female artists, producers, DJs, and women working in music that I’ve had the pleasure of watching, listening to, and meeting in the past months. This EP is a dedication to the strength and magic of women… full of light and expansion, yet holding the power to bring darkness when provoked. Here’s to the casting of spells, the celebration of the wild women and the sharing of their wisdom.”

“The lyrical content on the first track I produced for the EP, ‘Witches Brew’, informed the overarching theme, the blood red of the Future Bounce artwork inspired the name for one of the tracks, two ravens that came to sit by me on the terrace while I was listening back to one of the demos had the track named after them, and some sounds within that track tweaked to have the raspiness of the raven’s call.”

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‘Witches Brew’ by Kiss Nuka is available now, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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