KLP announces forthcoming EP ‘Alter’, shares lead single ‘Symphony’

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Australian DJ, producer, songwriter and vocalist KLP has announced her forthcoming EP ‘Alter’, set for release in June, with lead single ‘Symphony’ available now.

The track is a full-throttle house affair, with pummelling drums, choppy piano chords and an ode to the 90s with rapid synth-lines and a steady vocal. Meanwhile, the full EP comprises of four further high-energy cuts: think plucky percussives, sensual lyrics and distorted, hypnotic chops.

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“Bringing together this EP was like laying out all the pieces of a puzzle, and then suddenly one day they click,” KLP tells Mixmag. “A lot of experimenting with sounds, vocals from me and others, how I record and produce them, and collaborating with different people to find the perfect match. This first single ’Symphony’ is special to me because I made it with two people who are now my mates and regular musical collaborators.

“The story and lyrics to ‘Symphony’ just kind of fell out of my mouth one morning into a voice note after talking to friends about feeling you’re running out of time to get all the things done in life that you set out to do. Constantly chasing, not living in the moment. I recorded scrap vocals and a really basic beat, but I felt stuck for where to take it next. I parked the idea until one day I sent it to fellow Sydney/Aussie producer Dave Winnel, who immediately brought it back to life, building on my original idea. The final piece of the puzzle came from Loods. We’d been talking about jamming in the studio so we got together at BMG in Sydney and he added the incredible driving keys.

“Since making ‘Symphony’ I’ve kept working with both the guys. Loods and I have a few tracks out already (‘Freedom’ and ‘In Your Arms’) plus many more in the pipeline, and Dave and I just finished a new one last week. It’s rare you meet people you click with musically and the songs flow, let alone two people! ’Symphony’ really brought us together through music and I will be forever grateful of that connection.”

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‘Symphony’, the lead single from KLP’s forthcoming EP ‘Alter’ is available now; check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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