​Kyiv clubs and promoters come together to launch UNight campaign

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Clubs and promoters in Kyiv have come together to launch a new campaign encouraging sustainable development and protection of nightlife in the Ukrainian capital, UNight.

Described as a way to “defend the right to represent nightlife of the capital” including clubs, employees, promoters, artists, and attendees, UNight brings together some of Kyiv’s key players in nightlife.

Amongst those participating in the project are ∄ (K41), HVLV Bar, Keller, Sloi Bar, and Kyiv festivals Brudniy Pes (Dirty Dog) and Art is a Weapon.

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“The UNight project is dedicated to the night culture of Kyiv,” reads the UNight website. “On the basis of sustainable development and cooperation between institutions and the city, we are building a safer and more positive nightlife in Kyiv.”

The organisation aims to promote honesty, inclusivity, constancy, security, social responsibility, and openness, with emphasis on the development of culture by “determination of strategic goals, priorities, directions and specific projects that will contribute to the development of nightlife culture.”

UNight also aims to protect clubs and nightlife institutions in Kyiv following an attack on HVLV in late 2021 by a far-right group, which left the club in disrepair. It came after far-right groups in the city led a “crusade” against nightclubs that they accused of selling drugs in-house.

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According to a witness of the HVLV incident, attackers “destroyed the bouncer’s vision with multiple bear spray attacks, beat him with a police baton”, and then went on to shout homophobic and racist slurs and abuse outside the venue.

UNight participants are attempting to raise more than 25 million Ukrainian hryvnias (£560,000), actualised through events held since February 2022, in support of military and volunteering efforts.

Find out more about Kyiv’s new UNight organisation here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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