​Kyiv clubs Closer and ∄ host first parties in eight months

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Two of Kyiv’s most beloved underground clubs have reopened for the first time in more than half a year.

Closer, a dance music institution in Kyiv’s Podil, and , a techno-focused club otherwise known as K41, both reopened this weekend for two special parties — despite a new wave of attacks on the Ukrainian capital.

Both clubs were made to operate with alternative power sources after recent attacks from Russia caused power shortages in the local area. Closer, which celebrated its ninth birthday over the weekend, said it had “found a solution” and was given the go-ahead to run a string of parties.

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“Friends, we continue to prepare for the nine-year anniversary of Closer,” the club announced on Instagram ahead of the weekend. “We have found a solution to the electricity issue, so the light and sound will be stable.”

Closer celebrated with three parties — the first on Friday featuring Si Process in a 360-degree booth, with two following on Saturday and Sunday. Parties ran during the daytime to coincide with current restrictions in Kyiv where a curfew currently remains in place between 11:PM – 5:AM.

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The club noted that some artists due to play were “frightened by the events” of the attacks in days prior, and were attempting to “negotiate and persuade them to support us with their attendance”.

“However, regardless of their final decision, all three days of the event will take place,” they confirmed on Friday.

K41 also reopened for the first time since February with several community-focused events featuring a run of local DJs. All proceeds made from the weekend’s event will go toward medicine for Ukraine’s military unit.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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