La Fleur returns with first music in three years, announces debut album ‘Väsen’

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La Fleur has returned following three years of musical silence to announce her debut album, ‘Väsen’.

Accompanying the announcement is the release of emotive ‘Chian/Slowdive’, a double A side which blends house and techno by bringing in an uplifting, positive strength throughout with its melodies and percussives interlaced by catchy hooks from beginning to end.

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The Swedish artist’s three-year hiatus followed the 10th anniversary of her imprint Power Plant, with the time period seeing the musician move back to her homeland from Berlin and shifting her pharmaceutical profession to the forefront as a managing lead of staff in Stockholm’s hospitals.

‘[That time] got me thinking,” La Fleur explains. “What music do I want people to associate with me? I had an album ready in 2020, but I’ve always drawn inspiration not only from music, but changing elements in my life. It’s only now I feel the tracks are ready for the world to hear.”

Opener ‘Chian’ greets listeners with a chunky synth riff, added to a soulful, funky vocal riff, before the two are layered with trance-like melodic arps and chimes, before ‘Slowdive’ introduces itself with a faster pace, channelling an element of 80s synth pop. Higher pitched arps and a swooning trance synth give the cut a dreamlike feel, euphoric through its outset and throughout.

“I was very excited, and a bit nervous, releasing music again after so long, so I’m really thankful for all the love the music is receiving,” La Fleur tells Mixmag. “With ‘Chian’ I want to invite you to dance with me and with ‘Slowdive’ I’m trying to pass on a feeling of my connection with you all. For me these two tracks are both me in past, present and future form.”

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With more information about her debut album ‘Väsen’ TBA, in the meantime you can check out La Fleur’s ‘Chian/Slowdive’ single now here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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