Leipzig nightclub Distillery forced to relocate after 30 years

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After three decades, Leipzig’s iconic nightclub Distillery has announced that it will be forced to relocate at the end of the month.

Based in Kurt-Eisner-Straße, the venue – which has been running in the location since 1995 – will be demolished to make room for a new housing project.

To say a final farewell, Distillery will be hosting a closing weekend with names billed including Ellen Allien, Dan Drastic and Teki Latex running from May 26 through to May 30.

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The team behind Distillery has been working against the demotion of the iconic venue for over a decade according to Resident Advisor, with some local politicians siding with its reasonings to stay open.

“In the end, the property developers came with so much money and the politicians couldn’t say no,” Distillery’s Anne Petzold told RA. “Even with the politics on our side, there was no way to save the club. It’s really, really sad.”

Petzold explains that the decision was made because “clubs aren’t considered cultural institutions” in Germany. “They don’t appreciate the cultural significance or the social side,” she said. “It’s easier to go to the moon than open a club in Germany right now.”

“Over 30 years of history is dying right now,” she adds. “How can a city like Leipzig let something like this happen?”

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Locals of Leipzig are currently organising a street protest titled #clubsAREculture arguing the protection of Germany’s nightlife from densification projects and development plans.

Petzold expects more than 5,000 people to attend #clubsAREculture. Find out more about the protest here.

The new location of Distillery is yet to be revealed however the construction begins next month, reopening before the end of the year.

Get tickets to Distillery’s closing parties here.

[Via: Resident Advisor]

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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