Manuka Honey announces new EP ‘3Eternities Beneath You’

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Manuka Honey has shared details of her upcoming EP ‘3Eternities Beneath You’.

Alongside news of this latest six-track project, Manuka has released the lead single ‘I Like It’ — which incorporates a mixture of synths and reggaeton and features work from Safety Trance and vocals from Latin GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter La Favi.

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Last year, Manuka and La Favi teamed up on the collaborative release of the single ‘777’ which marked the former’s debut release on Club Romantico — run by Manchester-based producer Florentino, who also is set to feature on ‘3Eternities Beneath You’.

In an interview in 2023, Manuka told Mixmag how it felt to work with La Favi sharing: “I’ve been a fan of La Favi since I’ve had ears, so… [laughs]. No, but when it comes to underground reggaeton, it’s not a huge scene internationally. Everyone has a unique way of doing what they do, and Natalia’s voice has such a strong character and a power to it.”

Speaking on the upcoming EP Manuka explains: “3E is a conjuring for the club and sonic ritual that revolves around yearning, sex, and moments of the infinite which occur through a suspension of time.”

She continues in her announcement on Instagram to explain: “From the depths of my soul. 6 tracks, and 2 collaborations. The catharsis and vulnerability of releasing music is my favourite form of fear.”

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As co-founder of London’s club night SUZIO, Manuka Honey – real name Marissa Malik – typically plays with the sounds and energy of Latin-American and Caribbean dance music in her sets and productions.

Manuka’s new EP ‘3Eternities Beneath You’ is set to release on February 29.

1. ‘Manuka lo’
2. ‘Sinner’s Dirge’
3. ‘I Like It’ (Feat. La Favi & Safety Trance)
4. ‘Te Aviso’
5. ‘Miniskirt’ (Feat. Florentino)
6.‘When oracles watch’

Listen to Manuka Honey’s latest single ‘I Like It’ featuring La Favi and Safety Trance below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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