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I have always had a strong passion for music of all kinds, but have never been able to learn to play any instruments, in 1988 I found House music and my love for this genre started to grow, and my focus started to gravitate towards all kinds of Electronic music, pulling me away from my Heavy Metal and Grunge days, 

I could never afford to buy myself any DJ gear when I was younger and had no way of accessing any, so could never pick up on what I wanted to do, but I had my midi system in my room and used to play and listen to music day in and day out. 

I started suffering with Anxiety and depression in my Late 20’s, and would find myself having issues in socials gatherings etc, this made it extremely hard for me when going to clubs etc as I would find myself having panic attacks and having to leave, so instead I started to collect music to allow me to enjoy music as and when I wanted in my own space. 

In Late 2019 my Dad was admitted to Hospital with Leukaemia, causing me to slip deeper and further than ever into my depression and anxiety, and throughout my Dads battle with his cancer, he was more worried but my mental wellbeing, which I could not understand as I just wanted him to focus on getting himself better. but each time I would visit him he would always drop into our chats something about myself doing something with music as he said he saw the difference that it had on my mental health and he would see the difference in the way I would hold myself when I was listening to music and he wanted to see his old son back! 

I promised my father that I would look into it for him. so this is where I started to DJ, I picked up a low end Reloop Beat Pad 2 (just to see if it was something I could get into), which I soon noted that it was, my Father passed away after a very short battle and we said our goodbyes late January 2020, this completely destroyed me, as the world went into lockdown meaning that I could not see my Mother etc who lives over 200 miles away from me, and I was left trying to grieve the loss of my father while on anti-depressant’s which blocked all my emotions, making it hard for me to release any feelings that were building up inside of me, but all I had in my mind was my father’s last wish for me, so I pushed as hard as I could to grant my father’s last wish, 

I used some of the money that was left for me by my father to buy some better gear , and between working full-time and normal home life I spent as much time converting my collection of music and trying to learn everything I could to get better at what I was learning DJ wise, all in memory of my Father.

Since I started to stream and do my radio show, people have noted that when I DJ I refer to myself in the 3rd person. I never noticed this until it was brought up to me, which made me start to question why I do this? when thinking about it I feel it is what my father was saying I become someone else when I am behind the decks playing my music, and all my anxiety and depression fully ease, and I think this is just John speaking out and saying things like “JB is feeling rather funky tonight.” etc 

Hopefully this also helps people understand where the ‘This Is’ part comes from in my DJ Name as most people think it is just ‘JB’ but in full it is ‘This Is JB…’ again referring to the person that I become when I am behind the decks playing Music. This kind of also explains why my logo image that I use is just my eye behind a mask

JB Logo eye

My fav Genre to DJ has gravitated towards Melodic House and Techno, as I feel that I can fully express my feeling and emotions that I am feeling at that moment with this genre, and build a mix that takes people on an emotional journey through different feelings, and also find that these mixes fully removes any built up anxiety etc that I may have been feeling at the time, (kind of like speaking talking things through to make them better, but using the words and the sounds in the music to do my speaking) 

One of these Melodic mixes I submitted to ‘The DJ Mix Tape’ and it won me the January 2022 comp, to which I dedicate to my Father, who I owe everything to when it comes to my journey into DJing

The Mix can be found here 

Much Luv to You all JB

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