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I’m old enough to have been a budding bedroom DJ in the mid nineties. Armed with a mixer and 2 dubious and not matching home record players, 1 belt driven and 1 mechanical, I learnt  to appreciate all types of dance music of the time. The first real music that blew my head off was ‘The Prodigy Experience’, it opened my mind to a whole new world of sounds and composition. Those early days were shaped by mix tapes from DJ Si and Slipmatt…;) Soon my taste matured a little! into things like Sasha and Digweed and the Leftfield album Leftism changed everything. Loving the subtle but dark and banging tapestry on that album, I was hooked. A different genre but an album that had a similar lasting effect was Massive Attack’s ‘Blue Lines’, dark, warmth, hope and energy. You can still hear elements of both of these albums in my music choice today….


Lots of nights out and several seasons on Greek islands and the turn of the millenium, would continue my love for dance music, but I never really found my home. I loved, appreciated and DJ’d the trance that was popular at the time, even taking to being exerimental by drilling holes in records to try to warp the sound 😉 Sounds good, in theory but wasn’t that succesful in practice! I really found my sound one night on a visit to Leeds at the famous Speedqueen. Leeds has some great nights and I have frequented them all!: Back2basics, Hard Times and Up Yer Ronson are all well known, but nothing for me captured the spirit of joy and celebration like Speedqueen. Speedqueen is renowned for its diverse crowd, and its focus on fun!!  The music was and still is, (they run ad-hoc nights to this day) a mix of Funky House, popular in Leeds in the early 2000s, French House and bits and pieces of regular house. You can defintiely hear all this in my mixes today!  Check out these pictures from those days !!
Since then, my music tastes have encoutered bits of funk, soul and disco. Having discovered a love affair with music coming out of The Loft, and Paradise Garage in the late 70’s and 80’s, by DJs like
Larry Levan, Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles……Which of course leads me into what I consider the halycon days of House, that early American sound from people, like Barbara Tucker..All of this can be heard in the style I mix. There is some new stuff too and there’s loads of great new music, but for me a lot of modern House is just too polished, too clean, too perfect, which makes for a duller listen in my mind. I want the dubbier, imperfect sound that suits the environment of those clubs better…at least it does for me !!

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