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"Discover 'Sounds Of Ibiza,' a radio show that explores the vibrant world of tech house and techno. Join me for a sonic journey filled with infectious beats, groovy rhythms, and the unmistakable spirit of Ibiza. Get ready to immerse yourself in the music that moves the island and the world. Tune in and let the vibes take you away."

Aaron Cold has carved a notable niche in the DJ and music production world, with a diverse and evolving career that spans over three decades. His musical journey was sparked in his teenage years by the revolutionary beats of Electronic Body Music (EBM), drawing inspiration from icons like Front 242 and others. These early influences laid the foundation for what would become a prolific career in the 90s, where Aaron began to shine in the realms of Techno and House music, exploring sub-genres like Tech, Minimal, Deep, and Tribal House, while also indulging in the rhythmic allure of Funky and Soulful House.

Aaron’s ability to captivate audiences, whether through live performances or over the airwaves, is legendary. His skill in instantly engaging his audience has become his signature, making each of his shows a memorable experience. His recent projects reflect not only his versatility but also a relentless pursuit of musical excellence, with live DJ sets that are both innovative and deeply resonant.

A Pioneering Radio Presence

Aaron Cold’s impact extends far beyond the club scene. He hosted his popular radio show “Sounds Of Ibiza” on several notable stations, including Ibiza Live Radio and House Station Radio. This show not only showcased his exceptional taste and mixing skills but also brought the spirit of Ibiza’s music scene to a global audience. Additionally, Aaron has been a sought-after guest in various radio shows, sharing his expertise and eclectic musical selections with a wider audience.

Rich Discography

Aaron’s creative output includes various tracks, remixes, and Mix-CDs, each a testament to his diverse musical influences and his ability to innovate within the electronic music genre. These releases have not only added to his credibility as a seasoned artist but have also allowed him to connect with fans on a deeper level, offering them a tangible piece of his musical legacy

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