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An eclectic mix of styles and genres....always funky and ranging from the best in new House and Funky House to Deep and Minimal House and Tech. You can expect loads of great brand new music as well as the odd classic tune each week.  

I grew up with the birth of house and electronic music. My formative years coincided with the explosion of house music and I spent many an evening huddled over my tape deck recording first John Peel and then Pete Tong… Leaving school and heading out into the adult world, I very quickly became acquainted with the Glasgow club scene and was a (very!) regular visitor to The Arches for nights like Fruitfly, Pressure, Streetrave and any Slam DJ events, as well as frequenting the Sub Club and more niche and quirky events like Melting Pot and Mish Mash which incorporated live percussion, MCs and performance. Even when adult responsibilities like jobs and family inevitably took centre stage, I never lost my love for clubbing, electronic music or creating ‘mixtapes’, which evolved as technology did.

I finally got round to taking the plunge into DJing when ‘lockdown’ confined us all to our homes and I haven’t looked back since. It has completely reinvigorated my love for electronic music and I’ve loved the performance aspect of DJing as I have learned. I have a huge debt of gratitude to the Tribe at Club Ready Radio and the Club Ready DJ School. I’d never have pushed myself forward to think I could have a residency on a radio station or even perform live for that matter, so it shows what a supportive community and a bit of commitment, practice and willingness to try can do!

I am aiming to play live more regularly and to take my DJing to the next level in doing so. Age doesn’t define us, your attitude determines your altitude!

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