I’ve been listening to electronic music since 1997, thank you Jeff Gomez for introducing me to such a great musical genre. Sasha & Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, and Carl Cox were my favourite DJ’s/producers. Over the years I’ve grown more toward Techno w/ Carl Cox (the king), but Adam Beyer, Tiger Stipes, Bart Skils, and Weska are some of my favourites now.

I originally had Technic 1200s and a crappy Numark mixer, playing House and trance, but then my car broke down, life got in the way and had to sell them.

During the pandemic, however, I found Andrew’s YouTube channel and my interest in getting back into Dj’ing got sparked once again. I went out and purchased all new equipment, and joined Club Ready DJ school. The Club Ready Tribe is a great source for information as well as Club Ready Radio and live streams. I would highly recommend any new DJ or a DJ that wants to brush on their skills to buy the course.

Since graduating, I’ve participated in some live streams as well as playing a residency on Club Ready Radio every Tuesday 6 pm East Coast USA time.

Please Enjoy!

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