DJ Steph


Instead of hitting the mid-life crises button hard, Stephan decided he wanted to learn something new to expand his horizons and keep his mind in check. During covid, Steph decided to learn how to DJ. In the learning time frame in a span of 2 years, Stephan took 37 Dj courses from trainers all over the world. When he stumbled onto Andrew and clubreadyradio he realized that he found the teacher for him. 2 years of 3-4 hours a day of Djing and finally being revealed to the world via house parties. Steph has about 40 house parties under his belt not to mention hundreds of hours of rehearsal to get to a sound that makes you want to Dance all night. Rarely, if ever will you hear a mellow set from DjSteph. His sets are specifically designed to move asses. And that’s what he prides himself, on making you sing at the top of your lungs to oldie but goodie while you dance your feet away to new beats.- With DJ Steph you’ll be dancing to the newest hottest tech-house/bass house/future rave tracks while singing along to your favourite tunes atop of your lungs. He’s not afraid to take risks to bring you ear candy and keep the set going and on fire. Listen to this Dj only if you want to Reminisce and Dance.

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