Originally Born In Budapest Hungary I Am 46 years Young And With My Parents, We Migrated To Brisbane Australia In late 1986.  I’m A Proud Daddy With A Beautiful Daughter She’s Now 26. I have Been Around Music All My Life My Dads A Music Enthusiast Was Always Upgrading His Sound System.  Though I Can Appreciate All Types Of Music My Love For A Good Beat Started With Early Disco Then I Discovered Underground Rave.

I Have Been Attending Events Since 1992 At Clubs, Raves, Warehouse Parties Then The Music Festivals. I Have Helped Together With Promoters At Famous Hip-Hop Events Like At The Tube Nightclub Such As The Hustlers Conventions And The Player Balls With Artists Like ‘Cash Money’ And ‘Sleek the Elite’ Also Jungle And D&B Events The Malaria And Area51 Parties With ‘Goldie’ and Local DJ Talent. During This Earlier Time, I Was Collecting Vinyl And Had Some Djing Experience On Local DJ Friend Club Residents Who Had DJ Equipment At Home. Finally, In 2016, I Got Decks A Pioneer XDJ-RX System And Then For My 40th Bday, I Was Helped To Invest In A Nexus2 Set Up Its Been Great.

I Have Been Loving The Rave Scene And Djing Ever Since The Early Days. With 30′ Years’ Rave Music Experience I Would Love To Take Your Next Party Or Event To The Next Level With Sounds That Create a Great Atmosphere And Rock Your Dancefloor !!

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