Iris Rijs


DJing has always been a passion for me. I can feel the music from head to toe. But for 8 years, it was quiet in the house. Due to a brain injury, I couldn’t handle noise/light/stimuli anymore. Now, after treatment in the USA, I can finally say that I’m feeling better!

I have started to carefully fill in my life again. As for DJ’ing, I really wanted to learn how pro DJs make their transitions. I took a DJ course in The Netherlands and well, I got hooked again.

I found Andrews Club Ready School online and his totally inspiring course took my mixing skills to an even higher level. And still improving. My music taste contains all kinds of houses. As long as I can feel it, I love to let you hear it.

You can follow my journey on SoundCloud, MixCloud and socials. So grateful to be back!

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