Jaxako’s tastes in music vary widely and hence, her mixes aren’t restricted by genre or style. “Any music can grab me, it just needs to hit that sweet spot for the types of instruments, vocals, synths and melodies I enjoy”. This translates clearly in all her sets. Above all else, Jaxako believes that track selection is paramount!

“Tracks must be interesting and have variety, something that makes them stand out… All of these elements woven together are what makes a mix next level”

Jax, first fell in love with Electronic Music in the ’80s with the evolution of synth-based music production, alongside this, listening to her mum’s 70’s disco music… surely a recipe for House! In the late 90s, she discovered, sure enough, she discovered House Music, Trance and Techno in clubs when she became of age and has never looked back!

“Turning 21 in the year 2000 was very momentous! Especially with the Trance music of that era, it was like being transported to another dimension!”

Inspired by DJs and Music Producers in the local Perth Scene, Jaxako began dabbling with mixing in 2013, but life got in the way, until late 2021 when she rediscovered her passion and started mixing again.

“Music is the foundation of happiness for me! I love mixing because I get to share my happy place with people and it’s infectious! Dance has been the fabric of my core since being a kid!! I was always the first, and the last on the dance floor, even at weddings!! This is why my sets are so high energy because it’s always about the dance!!

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