Joel Holmes


Embracing the pulsating rhythms of progressive house and melodic techno, Joel Holmes is a rising talent poised to make a significant impact on the electronic music scene. His journey into the world of DJing is fueled by a passion for the genre, ignited by the weekly anthems of Above and Beyond’s Group Therapy and nurtured through a deep appreciation for labels like Anjunadeep and Colorize.

Holmes’ musical roots trace back to his teenage years as an acoustic drummer, a talent that took a backseat during his collegiate athletic career. However, the beats never left his heart. Resurfacing with a newfound love for electronic soundscapes, Holmes’ transition from athlete to artist symbolizes his dedication to evolution and growth.

Influenced by giants like Marsh, Tinlicker, RUFUS DU SOL, Tale of Us, and Vintage Culture, Holmes crafts sets that are both dynamic and deeply emotive. His versatility shines through his performances, seamlessly transitioning from the intensity of heavy trance and melodic techno on electrifying Saturday nights to the serene vibes of organic and downtempo beats on relaxing Sunday afternoons.

Raised in Alberta, Canada, and seasoned by extensive travels, Holmes’ global perspective infuses his music with a unique blend of sounds and styles. His broad musical taste and ability to connect with diverse audiences make his sets not just performances, but journeys through sound.

As he steps onto the scene, Joel Holmes is not just playing tracks—he’s weaving narratives, creating experiences, and inviting listeners to join him on a voyage through the depths of electronic music. Keep an eye on this emerging artist as he brings his passion, energy, and unique flair to dance floors around the world.

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