Having grown up at the back end of the 80s, when rave was appearing on the scene, I just remember all those fantastic sounds and beats….

I attended many clubs around the UK and raved many nights away until the early morning….

Music has always been present in my life but mostly as an avid enthusiast and listener. I collected Vinyls when I was younger and still have some to this day.

The DJing started later on via the Club Ready DJ School and Andrew Duffield. My first decks were an SB-3 where I learnt the basics before upgrading to a DDJ1000SRT. I absolutely love this controller and the versatility it offers me, especially with Serato.

I am a proud member of the Club Ready Radio Station since April 2022 – where I mostly mix Trance, PSY-Trance and Progressive House.

Also played live at various locations in Brisbane, Australia (Trance) and the Sunshine Coast, Australia (Various Genre).

The adventure continues and I am always looking to collaborate with event organisers etc…

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