I have enjoyed EDM since my college days in California back in the early 90’s. I loved to go to the clubs whenever there was a Techno night. Fast forward many years and about 2 years ago my then 14-year-old son started listening to EDM music and he started producing some music with his friends. It brought back al the good times, feelings and vibes of my college days, so I joined with him in the endeavor.

We quickly realized we had no clue about the formats that EDM had developed into over the past 40+ years, but we did realize that the music that really got us moving and vibing was most likely created by a DJ, so we decided that to become better producers we should become great DJ’s. Thus my DJ adventure began. Still trying to get my son to start the course.

I fiddled around for about a year trying to learn things from YouTube, started streaming on Twitch and YouTube and watched other DJs on those platforms (which I still do), but soon realized I would greatly benefit from a real instructor that provided a real course. This began my Journey with Club Ready DJ School. Wow, what a great decision.

So today I find myself residing in the Indianapolis, IN metro area, an alumnus of the Club Ready DJ Course, still streaming on Twitch and YouTube, playing local parties and events and now super excited to host a weekly program on Club Ready Radio. Hopefully, soon I will have the opportunity to perform as a resident DJ in a local club

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