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Every Friday night Marc Mescola takes you on a surprising techno trip full of deep melodic pumping techno with a little touch of trance, old school or club classics and where the bpm will rise.

Born (1973) and raised in Arnhem (NL). A musical father (Beatles, guitar player) let him play records as a small child. With the first live dance mixes by Ben Liebrand and others on the radio in the 80s and 90s, his interest in dance music in particular was a fact. Music will always have an important place, as an outlet or as a battery charger.

After attending his first house party, he was completely addicted to this music. Many parties in the Netherlands, but also the Love Parade in Berlin and Mayday in Dortmund, followed. House, trance, old school, techno, hard techno and even Schranz have influenced his taste… and that can still be heard in his sets.

In his mid-twenties, he finally bought two (non-pro) turntables and a mixer to play with vinyl for the hobby. Occasionally played at private parties including his football team and a supporter’s home.

As a hobbyist, he had the honour of playing at a staff party in 2015. To be well prepared he got some pro guidance and bought 2 second-hand technics turntables and a DJM mixer.
In a full Heineken Music Hall, he played an old-school set on vinyl for 3000 colleagues.

Years passed in this way, sometimes barely playing, but it kept on ticking.

Finally also switched to digital in 2020, bought a DDJ800 controller and did Andrew Duffield’s online ClubReadyDJCourse during the first Covid period.

Started playing during the Covid period, sometimes 6-hour marathon sets, at various small home parties with friends and regularly streaming online sets.

Since January 2022 with the start of ClubReadyRadio, he has committed to play 2 hours a week. No better way to get regular behind the decks. For further growth and club experience, he switches to XDJ1000mk2 players and a DJM750mk2 mixer. Now he’s completely club-ready.

Marc is in his 2nd youth, now plays gigs more often and also organizes small-scale techno parties himself!

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