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Step into the house of Mimickry, with your DJ Mimick, every Friday from 18:00 - 19:00.  Here we will showcase different House and EDM styles.  There are many artists, DJs, musicians, vocalists, producers and labels out there whose music needs to be showcased and celebrated for all of the talent they possess..  The love of melody, beats and vocals will greet you and welcome you in.  It's time to let […]

I am a living room DJ based in Canada. I have always wanted to DJ and attempted to learn locally, however, this fell through and it soon faded into the background due to life. Many years later I was lucky to find Club Ready DJ School and mentor Andrew. Along with this, I had joined the discord community and found a group of talented and amazing peers and mentors. They have supported the learning process, shared their creativity and honesty with me during various stages of mixing and pushed me to do better each time.

It was not long after graduation and sharing my recordings and practice sessions when a fellow Tribe Member approached me to join the Club Ready DJ’s on the radio to gain experience and grow further.

I could not have asked for a better journey into DJing than the path that has taken me this far, so quickly. I am here to share my mixing style and love of various genres of house and other EDM genres. I want to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone through the same love and support I have received on my journey. Together, we are strong. Together we can take a moment out of our day to let stress out. Enjoy the music, keep shining and keep dancing!

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