My real name is Roderick (Kick for friends; so that’s where the stage name is from). I live in the Netherlands up north Amsterdam, for decades the centre of dance music in our country (and during Amsterdam Dance Event the dance capital of the World).

Coming from a family where music was part of our education. My older brother listened to the early Acid House once in a while. When I was 15 years old, in late 1992, the release of The Prodigy – The Experience changed my life forever. In those 90’s my interest in all sorts of dance grew further and further. From commercial and Eurodance to big beat, chemical, acid and even hardstyle (gabber). I even organised my own illegal rave in one of my father’s warehouses. There are still people reminding me of those days.
After that, I kept my interest in the scene and music styles and picked it up in a more active way when the first DJ”s became the legends of today (Tiesto, Marco V, Roog, Carl Cox, FatboySlim) when they started performing in stadiums and big venues.

But I was always more of a listener/consumer and organiser than the creator. Until I touched that first controller almost 2 years ago. For the first time in my life, I felt I could create something myself. Took a deep dive into that rabbit hole and here we are; starting my own radio show on the best station there is for all that want to learn and explore.

You can expect all sorts of genres during my hour because I love to try out different styles; as long as it gives me a certain live festival/rave kind of feeling.

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