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I have been doing this for over 15 Years and was a promoter of a night called Reincarnation here in Ireland. We were the very first to host a legal all-night Music even back in 2008 @trabolgan holiday Village ( Reincarnation Weekender). We were also nominated for Best Music festival up against some of the Big names, oxygen, planet love. I have always had a love for dance music right back to 1985 when Electro 21 was the First album I brought.

The love kept growing over the years going to events like World Dance, Helter-skelter, Laser drome, and Reincarnation/Elevation. The very first genre I played was house and trance and then when moving to Ireland it was Techno … This later changed again to trance until 2022 I finally started my romance with a great love I had back in the 90s Drum and Bass. It’s very sad that there isn’t much of a scene here for it but who knows, we might make a difference. I small pebble dropped in the pond will create a ripple that covers the whole pond …. 🙂

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