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“Born out of a personal struggle, JB began to DJ in 2020, following the loss of his dad to cancer. His final request was for JB to find solace in music, to overcome his anxiety and depression. JB was determined to bring his father’s wish to fruition, and enrolled in Club Ready DJ School, Through hard work and determination, JB graduated in Dec 2020, becoming an Alumni of the school.

JB thanks The teachings of Andrew Duffield, who provided JB with the guidance & support needed to start his journey.

In 2022, JB got his first major accolade winning ‘The DJ Mixtape’ for his ‘Year In Key’ Concept Mix, JB uses the power of melodic vibes to convey the range of emotions he feels while playing, creating an immersive experience for his listeners, he began hosting Melodic Unwind’ sets, taking listeners on a musical exploration of emotional release. with his ability to weave melodic soundscapes, JB hopes to inspire to use the power of music to overcome their struggles and find solace in the beauty of melody.

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