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The Eclectic Sessions

Presented by Yugen Sill

Each week showcases the finest underground music from across the dance music spectrum including Dubstep, Afro House, Melodic Techno, Deep Trance, Hip Hop, Liquid Drum & Bass, Balearic & everything in between. The one thing linking them all together is a strong melodic undertone running throughout. Get ready to experience the underground!

Having spent over 20 years in the rave game exploring dance floors all over the world from the UK, to the USA, to Korea, to Taiwan & beyond. Yugen Sill harnesses the power of music as a way to connect with your inner self! This is music for your body & your mind! Originally from the UK, but now based in Taiwan, Yugen Sill has incredible musical knowledge that can only be gained from hours on the dancefloor.

Knowing what works when & where. Not limiting himself to one genre Yugen Sill’s sound encompasses everything from deep, melodic house, to hip hop, to enchanting trance, to eclectic electronica, to world rhythms, to gorgeous liquid drum & bass to banging techno & everything in between. All the time maintaining a sense of melody & having one eye on the dance floor at all times. Yugen Sill is here to unleash his vast musical knowledge to both educate & entertain. Join him on the journey!

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