​Metro Mix: Exploring the Parisian underground with angelus

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We’ve teamed up with New Balance to give you a taste of the Parisian underground, right from the fashion moguls who spin in their spare time to the DJs taking over warehouse parties at the weekend. And on March 1, we’re popping over to the French capital for a dance

Metro Mix is a new three-part series where we invite DJs from the French capital to show the world what this vibrant scene is all about. First up: angelus.

If there’s anyone who can transcend the uncanny sound of Paris’ underground, it’s 19-year-old DJ, producer, and singer, angelus. Hot on the reels of their latest single ‘preacher’, a hip hop-meets-hyperpop cut with a classically lo-fi edge, their playful productions have travelled far beyond the Parisian ‘burbs. In December, angelus dropped their debut album ‘majorette’ spanning seven tracks exploring friendships, conflict, love, and, to put it simply, good times.

Born to Guadeloupean and German parents in the UK and raised on the outskirts of Paris, angelus is on a mission to shake up the French capital – and their standout efforts in the digicore realm certainly aren’t going unnoticed. In recent months, angelus even broke into the fashion scene after they were asked to walk a runway for Milan Fashion Week, subsequently leading to the release of their 2022 track ‘faded in milano’.

We caught up with the producer to chat about Paris, musical influences, and where they’re headed next – check it out below along with a brand new mix from angelus.

How would you describe your style of music?

I make whatever my brain feels like making in the moment. Saying that I have no style is my style because I’m always changing and evolving. Best described as me being me!

What is the state of Paris’ underground music scene right now? Is there anything exciting you about Paris’ underground?

I sometimes feel like nothing is happening in the scene right now because people want to be mysterious. But my goal this year is to shake things up and fill that void by making music entertaining again. There are definitely exciting things that may come from the Paris underground this year, especially in the plug scene in my opinion. I just haven’t really truly tapped into the wider community.

What influences you at the moment? Where do you pull inspiration from?

Music-wise, a lot of Kanye West, Bktherula and Doja Cat. I can’t lie though, I mostly get inspiration from exploring the city. It’s so refreshing to go on walks to clear your head and always seek new music to listen to. Not enough people like to look for new music!

You just released a new track called ‘preacher’ – what has the reaction been like to that?

It’s been really good and I’m very happy about it. At the same time, I’m trying not to fit any expectations people have set for me. I’ve always said: expect the unexpected from angelus.

But at the end of the day, I feel like I’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations in a good way with ‘preacher’ and I will continue to do that, so stay tuned!

What’s next for you?

Music, music, and more music flooding all through this year. I’ve taken a lot of time to carefully work on my previous projects, and now I want to keep my fans spoiled with new music coming as fast as I can create. I really feel like this is the takeover year for me. I want to see my name, face, and art on every billboard one day. This is something my friends and myself have all locked ourselves into achieving. PERIOD.

Can you tell us about your mix?

My mix is partially songs I’ve been listening to on repeat and partially songs that I have a lot of emotional connection with. Enjoy!

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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