Mixmag and Monkey Shoulder are going Shoulder To Shoulder to rewrite nightlife for the better

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Night-time is where the magic happens. As the sun sets you can feel the pull of freedom igniting your senses. It’s a time when shackles come off, sparks fly and culture is created by people who aren’t afraid of the dark.

Right now, nightlife is at a crossroads, battling the pressures of inflation and the cost of living which are endangering its very existence. The live music industry was the first to close and last to reopen in lockdown, leaving many businesses financially crippled and many people unable to access community spaces that uplift, inspire and change lives.

Coming out the other side, a rebuild is required, but it’s an uphill struggle against unhealthy conditions. Shuttered venues have left fewer spaces for new talents to breakthrough and community bonds to be forged, leaving many artists feeling alone and unable to support themselves in their creative pursuits. Meanwhile surviving clubs are dealing with soaring bills which are being passed onto crowds through expensive tickets, pricing out the new generation of partygoers which is needed for the industry’s vitality.

Whether it’s work, play or sanctuary, we know there are countless people who depend on nightlife for their livelihood and mental wellbeing. Across our output and platforms, Mixmag is committed to supporting new artists and new ideas that will push things forward. That’s why we’re setting out to rewrite the night and provide essential support to the music scene. Joining forces with fellow nightlife advocates Monkey Shoulder, the 100% malt whisky made for mixing, we’re creating a movement to uplift the industry together, Shoulder To Shoulder.

We’re giving partygoers across the UK the unique opportunity to reinvent nightlife in their vision and direct major creative decisions at two epic house parties later this summer. We’ll be asking for your direct input on what makes a night out great and asking you to vote on polls to define how we create the perfect house party for the people — and you’re invited. Head to our Instagram to share your thoughts and cast your votes, starting today.

The events will be soundtracked by sets from talented young DJs paired with established trailblazers, playing back-to-back, Shoulder To Shoulder, giving them a much deserved platform to energise the experience. We’ll also be running a design competition, calling for innovative creatives to submit their ideas for the aesthetic of the experience, with a cash prize up for grabs.

Through the series, we’ll also be supporting existing organisations – the Music Venue Trust, Night Time Industries Association and Free The Night – who work to support existing infrastructure in the UK and embolden those who work tirelessly to make nightlife a place of acceptance and inspiration, with charitable donations and calls for the community to join in.

While there are issues outside of our control, by coming together as a community, we’re in the strongest position possible to move the dial and take nightlife in an imaginative and prosperous direction. Going out should be an escape from the daily grind, but too often falls into the same traps of dress codes and pretentious behaviour. A post-pandemic world offers the opportunity for renewal, to throw out the bad stuff and upgrade the good.

Our partners Monkey Shoulder know a thing or two about combining ingredients to create a perfect blend. They’ve cracked the code for mixing whisky and have been in the mix of all things nightlife since their inception almost 20 years ago in 2005. From hosting pop-up stages at leading festivals and creating a fleet of giant, roving Disco Mixer trucks to dish out tunes and cocktails to the masses to investing in the careers of bartenders and raising funds for charities that help hospitality across the board, Monkey Shoulder’s support and care for the nightlife industry speaks for itself.

Together we will go Shoulder To Shoulder to support the music industry with the wants and needs of the community at the core, reinforcing the foundations on which a new dimension of nightlife can be built.

Keep your eyes locked to Mixmag’s Instagram and for more information on Shoulder To Shoulder coming soon.

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Donate to Music Venue Trust, Night Time Industries Association and join the Free The Night campaign

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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