Molten Moods celebrates 10th anniversary, shares 21-track V/A

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Label Molten Moods is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and has released a 21-track compilation to commemorate the occasion.

The record meanders through sounds of techno, leftfield club and bass music, with playful experimentation across-genre by incorporating jazz and singer-songwriter collaborations.

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Its purpose is to showcase the diverse interests of the Munich label, with artists involved including Rosa Anschütz, Cressida, Polygonia, GAEL, Glaskin, Nova Cheq and Tapefeed.

Anschütz’s contribution shapes as the melding of poetic lyricism through spoken word, driving electronic rhythms and analogue instruments for example, whilst Berghain and Tresor regular Polygonia intertwines techno, downtempo and ambient.

“I wanted to put a certain focus on the Munich scene with this release, featuring artists like Glaskin, Ark Noir, Polygonia, Kareem El Morr, and QNRG,” labelhead Jonas Yamer explains. “Additionally, I aimed to showcase collaboration with artists like Lucker and Crouds, with whom I had previously worked.

“I intended to provide a platform for two standalone tracks that I am involved in—specifically, ‘Save Me’ with my longtime friend Rosa Anschütz, with whom I’ve recently formed a new band called Spoil, and ‘Spiraling Ploddingly’ with LUCKER, where I did the vocals myself. Last but not least, I wanted to explore collaborations with exciting artists like Gael and Nothus, who had not been represented on the label before.”

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Molten Moods’ VA is available now, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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