​Montreal could introduce 24-hour nightlife policies in 2024

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Montreal clubs and bars could introduce new 24-hour policies as of 2024, according to a report teased by Radio-Canada.

Venues in the Latin Quarter of the city, which currently close at 3:AM, may be allowed to stay open 24 hours if new terms come into effect, sources told Radio-Canada. It would be the first ‘zone’ to trial the 24-hour licensing scheme, an area said to be in desperate need of “revitalisation”.

The 24-hour is expected to be announced in January and introduced in spring following a $2.1 million investment into nightlife in Montreal in 2022, which allowed for 15 pilot projects across the city.

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The alleged decision comes after a year-long battle to introduce extended opening hours to Montreal clubs and bars, fought by Mathieu Grondin, co-founder of MTL 24/24, a non-profit organisation attempting to create a better future for the city’s nightlife.

Grondin has been pushing for 24-hour nightlife in Montreal for more than a year. Speaking to Mixmag at Montreal’s first-ever 36-hour party in May hosted by MTL 24/24, he explained that clubs in the city are not permitted to sell alcohol after 3:AM, which is currently unsustainable.

“I think the main problem right now is gentrification, loss of spaces because of gentrification, and inflation. Accessibility, affordability problems,” he said. “People say ‘oh the kids don’t drink as much as the older generation’, but at the same time, they just can’t afford to drink. A beer is not $3 anymore, it’s $12.”

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“Montreal is a cultural city, so [politicians] understand the plan [to extend opening hours]. But I’m not sure they master the subtleties of what needs to be fixed inside the engine. That’s my only concern right now,” he said. “I think they have a will, they might not just have the way.”

Grondin hopes for other areas outside of the Latin Quarter to become part of the project, including the Quartier des Spectacles, also known as the festival zone, but there’s fear over the current number of noise complaints from locals.

According to Radio-Canada, venues would have to work with the council to adjust noise levels if the 24-hour policies came into place, and may be assigned a “maximum number of decibels” depending on location.

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[Via Radio-Canada]

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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