Nadī and Otus announce forthcoming liquid focused co-production debut

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Nadī and Otus have announced their co-production debut set to land on Love In The Endz on February 1, ‘Less Talk / More Talk’.

Having met on a ‘Saturday Evening’ live stream party hosted by Lawrence Hart last year, the pair initially began sharing demos, before working together on the long-awaited EP, tested throughout 2023 across dancefloors from London to Glastonbury Festival.

‘Less Talk / More Talk’ features two rave-ready cuts, both interweaving cultural influences and two variations of liquidity.

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Lead single ‘Less Talk’ is available on Thursday, featuring heavier drums, with B-side ‘More Talk’ focusing more on scatterings of drumbeats in a footwork-like manner. As a body of work, the EP models as an ode to jungle and drum ‘n’ bass, whilst drawing inspiration from the sonics of Bangladeshi folk music, footwork and breaks, Carnatic vocals and pounding 808s.

Elements of footwork and breaks are also sprinkled within, and homage is paid to the 1956 Bengali Language Movement and the strife for language to be accepted.

“I brought in a Bengali folk vocal sample and for this EP that ended up being the main focal point for both tracks,” explains Nadī. “Neither of us had made jungle/dnb or footwork but the sample sat really nice in around that bpm so we decided to flip it into these.”

“The vocals have such an ethereal feel, when we chopped them up they had more rhythm compared to western music,” adds Otus. “Between both of us we wanted to blend our influences from the UK and Bangladesh and create a club ready EP that showed this.”

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‘Less Talk / More Talk’ EP by Nadī and Otus is available on February 1, preview it here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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