Neighbourhood returns with ninth release from Manchester’s Yant

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Yant has shared his latest EP, ‘Broken Strings’.

Available via underground favourite party series and label Neighbourhood, ran by Tasha, the four-track record marks the imprint’s ninth release.

Within, each track revels in a forward-thinking, cutting-edge sound which engages in precise musicality and experimentation to allow each track to mould into another through oscillating, wonky acid, hypnotic glitches, swirling layers and a dystopian, driving energy. Things come to a crescendo with the B-side’s lead, ‘Conquering’, which combines hazy delays with stabs of synth and intricate acoustics before ‘The Stunter’ welcomes shifting grooves, introducing a new dimension to the sonic identity of the Mancunian producer and DJ.

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“I like to have each track with their own distinctive identity, building world’s of their own,” Yant tells Mixmag. “Experimentation is always the key for me; this is how the sonic ideas form, it’s never the same process. I think this is what keeps me excited in the studio, trying different things and continuously evolving.

“Tasha and I first met at Tresor the first time we both played there in 2018,” he continued. “Since then we’ve become good mates, so it feels natural but also special to me to be releasing on Neighbourhood. It’s a label I’ve always respected for the diversity in sound and quality output over the years.”

At Neighbourhood, founder Tasha explains, “the releases happen very naturally, and if I’m feeling it and if they feel right we do it.

“Yant sent me some tunes time ago and I dropped ‘The Stunter’ on a mix and it got me – I get obsessed! I kept coming back to it and kept asking him about it, he couldn’t remember which tune it was to begin with and if he still had it, haha. I kept obsessing about it; it wasn’t called ‘The Stunter’ at the time, it had a working title, then he found it, and I said to him straight up that I have to release it. He sent me more tunes and these are the ones that grabbed me and I got obsessed with, so they were the chosen four.

“I also love that ‘Broken Strings’ and ‘Lost Hours’ don’t really sound like typical Yant productions. ‘Conquering’, I think, is the one tune on the EP that does! I love that this EP shows a deeper, weirder, side of his productions. Some tripped out grooves. I’m so happy it all came together like this. Andy’s a lovely mate, so it’s great to do this together and it’s been fab working with him, he’s such a delight. I’m really proud of him and his journey, and it’s such an honour to release these tunes on Neighbourhood. Totally in love with this release.”

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‘Broken Strings’ by Yant is available now via Neighbourhood, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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