New 120-capacity venue Crowd Club opens in Wuppertal, Germany


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A new venue, Crowd Club, has opened its doors in Wuppertal, Germany.

Launched on March 30, the opening party saw sets from Jolani Jhones, D[NOWHERE]J and Sibathathu.

Founded by local artists Ayawa, Gîn Bali, Nastassia Frank and whoslulu, the 120-capacity venue is set within the site of the former nightclub Mauke.

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The team behind Crowd Club shared on Instagram: “What we love about the idea of founding a club is creating a living room that is made for everybody who cares about creating a community together.

“That is what we aim to do: painting up a new place that can be shared 4 the people living here, becoming more and more, becoming one crowd.”

The team told Mixmag that Crowd Club’s ethos will be based on “refocusing on what truly matters: people. People on the dance floor, at the bars, and behind the DJ booth. Individuals coming together to become part of something greater. Part of a crowd.”

Speaking about the “very emotional” opening event the club adds: “At the last moment before we opened the doors, we realised what we had been working on over the last few months.

“In addition to developing the brand, the programme and so on, we renovated the entire club together with friends. We were on the construction site practically every day for weeks. And experiencing this place with all of them for the first time was really special and touching.”

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They continue: “All the pressure came off at once. But that evening we also realised that it will always be like this now: It’s a continuous construction of creating the venue according to our ideas and visions. And with little to no resources. So it probably won’t always be perfect, but it always comes from the heart.”

Crowd Club have already shared a huge range of nights running throughout April including Narciss b2b DJ Fuckoff on April 6 as well as hosting lots of local talent throughout its roster.

Check out future events at Wuppertal’s new venue Crowd Club below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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