​New micro synth from Behringer, JT-4000, is now “ready for production”

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A brand new handheld micro synth from Behringer is ready to go into production following a bounce back from global chip shortages.

The JT-4000 Micro is said to be “the most powerful synth in the smallest package ever”, and will only set buyers back $69 (£55) when they hit the shelves.

The tiny portable synth is said to be influenced by the ‘96-released Roland JP-8000, a much larger 49-key synthesiser featuring eight voices as opposed to the JP-4000’s four.

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Despite its tiny size, the JP-4000 is said to be Behringer’s most powerful synth yet featuring two analogue oscillators for each voice, an arpeggiator, and an analogue filter.

The synth also flaunts an OLED screen and touch keyboard with a retro look, paying homage to past synthesisers from Behringer.

The announcement of JT-4000’s production comes following an increase in global chip supplies. Behringer said in a Facebook post that they’re now “warming up” with lots of new product releases.

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In March, Behringer announced a 60% cut across all product prices as chip supplies saw a huge increase post-pandemic. “As semiconductors become more available and prices come down, we’re able to ramp up production,” they announced.

“In line with our promise to share our savings with you, we’re really excited to lower our pricing by up to 60%.”

2020 was the first year that a notable rise in demand for semiconductor chips overtook supply, and with that came a downfall for the component that helps to create computers, cars, DJ gear, and more – threatening almost 200 industries.

Find out more about Behringer’s JP-4000 Micro here, and check out a video of it in action below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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