New vinyl pressing plant is opening in Los Angles County

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US techno artist, Drumcell has announced a new pressing plant is set to open in Los Angles County.

Located in the city of Arcadia, Onyx Record Press is planning to start pressing vinyl in August.

Drumcell announced the new plant this week, claiming it’s been a project that he has been working on for years.

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His statement reads: “Holding my music in my hands gave me an indescribable feeling of accomplishment that I’ve always hoped any artist who deeply cares about their creation could one day experience.

“For this reason and so many others, I’m incredibly proud to announce we are opening our own vinyl pressing/manufacturing plant Onyx Record! With that being said, we’re taking pre-orders IMMEDIATELY!”

In a 2021 investigation by Mixmag, it was reported that the vinyl manufacturing industry has been struggling with demand, especially since the resurgence of vinyl.

Delays have ranged from 20 weeks to even a full year at certain points, with smaller, independent labels facing the longest waits.

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Onyx Record Press has said it will “prioritise” non-major labels and artists as well as create a quick turnaround due to its “new state of the art pressing machines”.

Services include mastering, lacquering, plating, pressing and printing with global shipping or local pick-ups available.

He continues in his statement: “Our team has over 25 years of experience in the vinyl manufacturing industry. We uphold the notion that getting records pressed is a distinguished compliment for an artist.

“We believe that the sum of feeling the weight of vinyl in your hands, listening to the needle translate the grooves into music and admiring the large artwork is the ultimate form to experience recorded music.”

The pressing plant is currently taking pre-orders and it’s expected to begin production in August.

Read Drumcell’s full statement below and check out the Onyx Record Press website here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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