NOCUI shares details of debut album ‘Italian Robot’


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Italian-born, Berlin-based artist NOCUI has shared details of his debut album ‘Italian Robot’ set for release on October 25 via his own imprint Shapeless Culture.

The record has been announced alongside the release of ‘Machine Power’, a high-energy, synth-lead, maximalist track, complete with vocoders, synth leads, sequencers and risers.

The new track joins his most recent single ‘Give Up Control’ in reflecting a key theme for the forthcoming album — the blurring of the lines between man and machine, as NOCUI delves “deep into the complex nexus of technology, society, and human existence.”

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In a press release, he describes the track as “almost grotesque in its explosive power. I love its maximalist aesthetics, and I believe it effectively represents the overwhelming energy of the technological system we live in.”

“It feels as though the physical world is becoming an extension of the technological rules and algorithms that govern our lives, and that these behavioural standards are being dogmatically followed,” he continues.

“Hence the title of the track, ‘Machine Power.’ The extremely rigid and relentless nature of the machine overwhelms us, leaving us a little intoxicated with its seductive ideas of power.”

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The release marks the latest development for NOCUI, who launched the Shapeless Culture label in 2023, gaining attention through a couple of innovative releases from FRCTLS and Sibéri.

The artist also has a residency at the prestigious Riverside Studios Berlin, where he can showcase his wide array of musical influences, which span Latin and Mediterranean influences as well as ‘80s all the way to the 2000s house.

To listen to ‘Machine Power’, click here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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