Olympe4000 shares new EP in dedication to her little sister

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Olympe4000 has shared her new EP, ‘e-goatrip6ter’, which marks her first full release following a contribution to JUICY GANG RECORDS’ recent V/A.

The record showcases the artist’s multi-genre taste and hybridised sound which has emerged from her extensive DJ sets, which she describes as “adrenaline quality” – alluding to the name of her simultaneously launched record label which houses the EP.

Spanning across sounds of breaks, bass, neo-rave, techno and electronica, the EP is dedicated and takes inspiration from discussions Olympe4000 had with her 13-year-old sister about the impact of the digital on mental health. It explores themes of utopian socialism and innovative ideas for the digital future throughout.

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A brief look at the tracklist alludes to the topics up for discussion: ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’, ‘Look Better Online’ and ‘Social Media Advertising’ are all track names which feature on the record.

“I dedicated this record to my little sister, following a conversation we had about the impact of digital capitalism on mental health,” she explains. “This EP stores different sub-genres and reflects my vision of DJing. ‘e-goatrip6ter’ offers my own vision of rave music.”

‘e-goatrip6ter’ is available via the artist’s own label, ADRENALINE QUALITY. A new imprint and platform launched alongside Olympe4000’s debut EP, it has teamed up with Beatz By Girlz (BBG), a platform empowering the next generation of women and gender-expansive people through music and technology.

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The plan is that once a year, ADRENALINE QUALITY will release a V/A made by students of BBG, aligning with its promise to showcase emerging artists who share Olympe4000’s musical vision.

Olympe4000’s EP, ‘e-goatrip6ter’, is available now both digitally and on CD. Check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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