Peach launches new label Psychic Readings with fresh EP ‘Fortune One’

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Peach has launched her new label, Psychic Readings, accompanied by a new EP set for release on October 26, ‘Fortune One’.

The record will be available for those both digitally and on vinyl, but for those who can’t wait another month, the first track from the EP – ‘Eclipse’ – has just been released as a single.

It forms as a playful and punchy ode to special moments, with synths and acid tinges shifting to the forefront with an upbeat bassline to boot.

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Second track ‘Ms Cookys’ isn’t available to check out until the full EP drops, yet it has been dubbed as a tune which “flirts with modular stabs for a simple yet sassy groove”.

The full EP shapes to employ 90s nostalgia and groove-infused rollers, with Peach herself explaining how ‘Fortune One’ sounds like her most authentic self yet: “I feel connected to these tracks because they represent the beginning of being able to translate my ideas from inside of my head and my heart,” she explains. “This has been a process which has taken me years to feel confident in, and I finally feel a stronger connection between what goes on in my head and what comes out of my speakers.”

“Once I wrote these tracks, I realised the inherent need for them to have a space of their own – I wanted a home for my music which I had full autonomy over. The vision I had for the label was inspired by other producers who had self-released their work while infusing a fun & camp-y concept. Once I had solidified the concept for Psychic Readings, everything else came to be very quickly – the sound being what I feel like is most genuinely ‘Peach’ at that time, the art being inspired by the mysticism of astrology and clairvoyant aesthetics, and the overall feeling of the label being cheeky and fun.”

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Not to be ignored is the new label, either. Born out of a tarot card reading in New York City, the perhaps fittingly named Psychic Readings will offer a space for Peach’s forthcoming experiments.

The announcement comes at a busy time for the Toronto born, London-based DJ and producer: venues in her diary for the month include Lisbon’s Lux Fragil, Leeds’ Wire, Berlin’s Panorama Bar, and Tokyo’s Rainbow Disco Club.

You can check out the first single from Peach’s EP, ‘Fortune One’, below, and pre-order the record here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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