PinkPantheress shares struggle with hearing loss on Louis Theroux’s podcast

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PinkPantheress shared how the affects of hearing loss have impacted her as a musician, on the latest edition of The Louis Theroux Podcast.

During the new episode of journalist and documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux’s podcast on Spotify, the 22-year-old artist discussed her struggles with stage fright, anxiety and overnight fame.

While discussing her ability to hear her own voice, the ‘Boy’s A Liar’ singer admitted that her “hearing isn’t as good as it used to be,” due to losing “80% of the hearing in one of her ears.”

When pushed by Theroux, she expanded that she believes the loss of her hearing came due to “the microphone going too near to a speaker.”

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“It causes a horrible like the feedback,” she expanded. “So at first it was just a really annoying ringing and I thought it was going to be fine.But it happened on the day, and ever since that day, even on the day it happened, I was trying to find I I got like some weird ear drops and I thought that was going to help.”

“I thought it was going to be fine in the coming weeks, PinkPantheress continues. “I just kept going down to the point now where it’s weird because I can’t hear a lot of it’s like high stuff.

“I can’t really, but like I can make out people.It just sounds like bass.It sounds like if somebody took your voice and removed all the high end and it was just bass.”

PinkPantheress’ comments come amid National Tinnitus Awareness Week, with various charities and hearing loss organisations looking to raise awareness of the risks of noise-induced hearing loss — such as that experienced by PinkPantheress.

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As part of Tinnitus Awareness Week, Mixmag is running a series of features and guides to raise awareness for hearing damage and encourage the use of ear protection. Read our editors letter here.

Listen to the full episode of The Louis Theroux Podcast with PinkPantheress below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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