Police called to 300-person illegal rave in Yorkshire

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Local police forces in Meltham in Yorkshire were called to a disturbance that began Saturday evening, as an illegal squat rave was taking place at the field of Deer Hill End Road.

Noise complaints from local residents led police officers to call for backup. A resident of the road said that “There was a very heavy bass noise which meant it was impossible to sleep. Two police officers turned up but they very quickly realised they were out of their depth and called for reinforcements.”

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Another neighbour added that “There was a large police presence on Deer Hill End Road to shut down a ‘rave’ party on an agricultural field that attracted between 200 to 300 people.”

A spokesman for the West Yorkshire police said that “Police were called in the early hours of Sunday morning to farmland at Meltham to reports of a music event taking place with large numbers of people attending. Officers attended and the event was shut down with music turned off by 1.20am. Attending officers remained on site until after persons present had dispersed.”

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Some residents were left slightly dissatisfied with the police department’s actions, arguing that they were not enough to fully disperse party goers, with one resident adding that “There were loads of taxis coming up the road and dropping people off. The police might say it finished at 1.20am but the last people didn’t leave until after 5:AM.”

The field has history for unusual disturbances. According to Yorkshire Live, a few years ago, the field saw a man who lived in a pigeon hut severely wounded by his own cigarette after a discarded filter ignited gas which caused a small explosion.

[via: Yorkshire Live]

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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