Rose Ringed shares ‘Prism’ EP via his Closed Eyes Recordings imprint


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Rose Ringed has shared his latest EP, ‘Prism’, via his own imprint Closed Eye Recordings.

The three tracker spans a variety of genres, including melodic techno, house, euphoric trance and synthpop. Whilst a high energy, euphoric affair as a larger body of work, the producer, DJ and multi instrumentalist deliberately injects an emotional chord within the music also.

Reasoning for this is particularly close to the Dutchman, who at the age of 11 lost his mother. As a result, he sought comfort and solace in the euphoria laced within his father’s electronic music CDs – and now, he intends to mirror such deep emotion into his work, telling stories through his sound design and productions.

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“The ‘PRISM’ EP has three tracks of different ‘colours’,” Rose Ringed tells Mixmag. ‘Stands Still’ is deep red/purple, melancholic and powerful mostly because of Julia Adriana’s amazing voice bringing so much emotion to my moody chord progression. This tune is an anchor when your mind’s a chaotic whirlwind, everything rushing past you. I played it at festivals and it was the track most requested for release.

“‘All I Need’ is more light blue-pink. It starts as house, then the vocal makes it more poppy, then moody and melodic with the chord progression, then the grand finale, the huge unison synth, LOUD. It is a track no label understands because it fits no boxes, but to me the truth is on the dancefloor, where it tears off the roof every time.

“‘Big Bang’ is more dark blue-deep brown. I found a big chord progression on the piano, just couldn’t finish it. Then playing a simple melody on my korg polysix (my favourite) inspired a whole new track! It’s just a G in three octaves in a well-working rhythm, it’s heavy on the groove, deep on the chord progression and develops to one powerful climax; the big bang.”

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‘Prism’ by Rose Ringed is available now, check it out here or below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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