Scarlett O’Malley lands on Kerri Chandler’s Kaoz Theory with bumping new EP

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Scarlett O’Malley has shared her latest EP, ‘The House Joints’, via Kerri Chandler‘s Kaoz Theory imprint.

Across its four tracks, O’Malley embodies her dancefloor-focused sound, laying down classic organ hook lines, catchy vocals and plentiful groove. With bouncy, stabbing synths, gritty rhythms, choppy brakes and classic house later welcomed in the record, its drive is plentiful from beginning to end.

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“I’ve never been more excited for anything in my life, than bringing out ‘The House Joints’ EP on Kaoz Theory. It is noted in the internet stratosphere that I have been saying for years about how much I love Kerri Chandler, including my campaign interview for Fred Perry where I said in a dream world I would go b2b with him, so when Kaoz Theory reached out to me asking for demos and after a few weeks wanted to take the EP I was gassed to say the least.

“The name is inspired by the fact this year a lot of my creative process has been founded through sitting in my garden and smoking it up for inspiration which is ironic now as I’ve gone weed free, but this is an ode to the time in which this project, which in itself is a double entendre because I suppose a joint could refer to a tune too.

“I’ve tried to make the EP a reflection of all the crevices of my club sound from house to breakbeat, vocals to groovy basslines, tons of percussion and musical attitude, but at the core of it I wanted it to be good dance music.”

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Only earlier this year, O’Malley released her debut EP, ‘Scorpio Rodeo’, via her Club Cowgirl label. Born and raised in West London, soul-infused sounds are rife throughout her work, which spans across production but also DJing, presenting and podcasting.

‘The House Joints’ EP is available now via Kaoz Theory, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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