Sensu reveals entirety of mixed-genre ‘AM___PM’ EP

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Sensu has this week unveiled her full ‘AM___PM’ EP, available via Attack Decay Sweet Release.

The record encapsulates the experimental nature of the Swiss producer and live artist’s project under the Sensu moniker. It blends seamlessly between future-UKG, drum ‘n’ bass, hip hop and shades of electronica, with EP exclusive track ‘Night Drive’ delving into avenues of breakbeat with funky vocals to boot throughout the ebbing, flowing cut.

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“For the first time ever since I started the Sensu project, I feel really happy and comfortable with the music I make,” she recalls. “I love to evolve musically and have at least one song on each project that stands out from the rest. I love it to surprise listeners, because that’s also something I really enjoy about some of my favourite artists.

“I think the intense EP process started in late 2022. The only track I’ve started working on earlier – in 2021 during my stay in London – was ‘Perfect Life’, which really came to life when Lawrence Hart did his thing on it and we finished it together.

“I was interested in the daily cycle of morning and night and how time goes by incredibly fast,” she continues on the concept of the EP, alluding to its name. “We are constantly trying to meet some kind of demands. We always want to use time wisely although it’s absolutely okay to do nothing sometimes. So, day after day we put ourselves under pressure just because of our own expectations or those of others and it always comes back into your mind when you lay in bed and it’s night again.”

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To celebrate the EP launch, Sensu will be hosting two live shows at The Lower Third on June 21 and 22. “Special guests” are to be announced, and limited tickets are available here for night one and here for night two.

In the meantime, you can check out the ‘AM___PM’ EP now here.

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