Varg²™ has teamed up with Skrillex and Bladee on a new track featuring on the artist’s latest album.

‘Is there a place in heaven for boys like me?’ is the newest collaboration from the three which appears on Varg²™’s sixth instalment of his album series, ‘Nordic Flora’.

The 14-track album via YEAR0001 also features the likes of Drain Gang’s Bladee and Ecco2k as well as Eartheater, Thaiboy Digital, Joon Gloom and more.

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Sharing his new project, Varg²™ – real name Jonas Rönnberg – shared: “Thanks to everybody who inspired, helped or worked on this project”.

Skrillex last worked with Bladee last year with the track ‘Real Spring’ along with a music video of the two adventuring around Japan.

Bladee also jumped on Skrillex’s ‘Ceremony’ track last year alongside Yung Lean.

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In 2019, Varg was forced to change his moniker to Varg2™ after he received a “cease and desist” from a German metal band.

The artist announced the change with the EP ‘Fuck Varg’ which featured a remix of ‘Parasites (Honest Music for Dishonest People)’ from VTSS.

Take a listen to Skrillex, Varg²™ and Bladee’s new track, ‘Is there a place in heaven for boys like me?’, below.

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