​Sofia Kourtesis announces debut album, ‘Madres’

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Sofia Kourtesis has unveiled the details of her debut album, ‘Madres’, landing on October 27 via Ninja Tune.

The sentimental release is said to be dedicated to the producer’s mother, and the world-renowned neurosurgeon who saved her mother’s life, Peter Vajkoczy.

‘Madres’ features ten tracks including a handful of recently released singles, such as ‘Estación Esperanza’, and ‘La Perla’, an homage to her father who passed away in recent years.

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The title track, released earlier this year, will also appear on the record. “This song is about my mother, her mother, my sisters who are mothers, my brothers who are mothers, and all the LGBTQIA+ members who are mothers to their communities,” said the Peru-born producer in March.

“Madres has no gender. Madres loves to protect the ones you love. If you get lost, follow your mother’s voice, they will always bring you back.”

The family-driven release is also dedicated to Peter Vajkoczy, who appears in the liner notes of the record. Vajkoczy – a famous brain surgeon – helped to save Kourtesis’ mother who was diagnosed with cancer shortly after her father passed away.

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While touring, Kourtesis returned regularly to Peru to be with her mother. “Doctors were all the time calling me to say goodbye to her, for months”, she recalls.

The producer explained that she had posted a snippet of music online, promising to dedicate the track to Vajkoczy in return for his time. The neurosurgeon agreed to operate on Kourtesis’ mother, who is now healthy and living near her daughter in Berlin.

Vaikoczy is now part of the Kourtesis family’s life and an avid music fan, the producer has said, who even took him on his first trip to Berghain.

‘Madres’ lands on October 27 via Ninja Tune. Check out the tracklist below, and pre-order the record here.


1. Madres
2. Si Te Portas Bonito
3. Vajkoczy
4. How Music Makes You Feel Better
5. Habla Con Ella
6. Funkhaus
7. Moving Houses
8. Estación Esperanza
9. Cecilia
10. El Carmen

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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