Soft Crash announce new EP ‘NRG’ via BITE

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Soft Crash – the artistic duo of Phase Fatale and Pablo Bozzi – have announced their new EP, ‘NRG’, set for release on February 2 via Fatale’s BITE.

Accompanying the announcement, they shared lead single ‘Free Yourself’ and its accompanying music video, which features Kyiv-based disco vocalist Ready in LED.

The track sets premise for the record: pumping Italo Body drives, with post-humanist production and machine-made anthemic cuts.

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“I became captivated instantly with the idea of the track that Hayden [Phase Fatale] and Pablo sent me,” explains Ready in LED. “At that moment, I was a bit tired of carefree disco and wanted to reveal my dark side in music. The demo sounded very daring. This track demands attention to itself from the first seconds. My sources of inspiration were glam rock and grunge. I had a blast in the studio, and I hope the people on the dance floors will feel that energy too.”

You can check out the video below:

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Directed by JW Vigers, the video employs a variety of digital media, layering 3D sculpture with traditional animation, AI and illustration.

“The ‘Free Yourself’ music video features a femme-android in the process of self actualisation,” Vigers explains. “Her body pulls together from chromatic liquid, metamorphosing into a solid humanoid figure. This process of self expression, through the freedom to be as you see yourself, lifts her upwards into the sky. A core component of this video is the ecstasy and discovery that dance music provides to the body. These moments of self discovery are only able to be achieved through freedom.

“Taking massive inspiration from Ready in LED’s poignant and timely lyrics I was inspired to create a world where the Maschinenmensch from Metropolis is in control of her own creation and therefore her own destiny. The joyful nature of this process is echoed in the technicolour landscape and the reflective quality of the chrome detailing frames this self discovery.”

You can purchase ‘Free Yourself’ now, and pre-order the full record ahead of its release on February 2 now here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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