Someone sold Thomas Bangalter a ticket to his own Daft Punk show in London

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Thomas Bangalter has recalled being approached by a ticket touter outside of his own Daft Punk show in London, in a new interview with French news channel Brut.

The former member of Daft Punk describes being outside “to buy a sandwich” before being approached by the seller — and found the interaction so amusing that he decided to go ahead with the purchase.

“I thought it would be funny, so I bought the ticket, went to the venue, and waited,” he tells Brut.

Discussing the pros and cons of a career spent in relative anonymity as a result of the duo’s helmeted on-stage presence, he said: “It protected me, but it could also lead to a kind of isolation, which isn’t particularly pleasant.”

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“After hiding for 20 years, the message about intentions and freedom has been conveyed.”

As he pursues solo projects, Thomas Bangalter has been vocal about his experiences one half of Daft Punk and the choice to shy away from the public: “At some point, it seemed pretentious to continue staying anonymous.”

“I found myself in situations where people apologized for not having photos to ensure I wouldn’t be disturbed. I wasn’t seeking attention, but the anonymity started to attract more attention than it removed.”

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The former Daft Punk member, Bangalter, has since promoted the release of his solo work, ‘Mythologies.’ Featuring a full orchestra, the album served as the score for a ballet of the same name.

Earlier this month, Thomas Bangalter announced he has composed an original soundtrack for the upcoming Salvador Dalí film Daaaaaalí!.

Directed by Quentin Dupieux, Daaaaaalí! premiered at the Venice International Film Festival 2023 and was described as a “real fake biopic” reported Mixmag.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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